Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas on New Year's Day

Christmas got delayed due to the record snow storm that hit Oklahoma City area on Christmas Eve. In a period of about eight hours we got 14.1 inches of snow. Since snow is something we see very little of the cities and state have minimal snow removal equipment. This blizzard pretty much brought the area to a standstill. We postponed the Christmas Eve gathering with Joanne's family and the Christmas Day celebration with the Stone clan.

We did reschedule everything though. We got together with Jo's family on the Sunday after Christmas. We had her mom, Mardell, and her niece, Carrie, along with Carrie's son JJ. After a good meal we exchanged gifts and then watched JJ play with his stuff. We always enjoy time with these folks but this year was the most animated and outgoing JJ has ever been. He had a ball playing with our dog, Buddy Joe, and bumping heads with Uncle Rick. JJ turned three just a couple of weeks before Christmas.

The Stone family gathering was held today, New Year's Day, here at our house. My Mom & Dad, Max and George, were here to head things up. The rest were: my sons, Alex & Alan; my youngest granddaughter, Cadence; my three brothers and their wives, Bill/Nancy, Chester/Susan and David/Elizabeth. In addition all three of Chester's sons were here: Jason; Justin and wife Tiffany; Tim and wife Sheri plus their daughter Sara and son David. Jo's Mom, Mardell, also spent the day with us. Including Jo and I we had 21 family members for a late lunch and fellowship. (Bill's daughter lives in Florida, Chester's daughter went to Dallas to watch the Oklahoma State Cowboys play in the Cotton Bowl tomorrow, and David's son and daughter, who both live in Tulsa, were working.) The pictures here are my 90 year old parents on the left and my sons on the right. It appears that both my sons forgot to ask Santa for a new razor.