Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy 94th Birthday Party

A great family celebration.

Today is my Dad's 94th birthday.  George Stone was born on the family farm, in Byars, Oklahoma, in 1919.  After spending his "growing up" years on the farm he and my mother moved to Oklahoma City in 1937.  He now lives back down in McClain County, not very many miles from his birthplace, in a nursing home in Purcell, Oklahoma.  Although he gets around better than most of the folks at the home, including still driving himself around town, he enjoys the care and attention he receives at the nursing home.  Dad has led a very exciting life and still keeps up to date with things.  He has not only traveled all over this country but has been to all corners of the world in his business career.

This afternoon my brother's and I met up at the home to celebrate his birthday with him.  In addition two of my sisters-in-law were there along with my fiance, Jimye Faye.  Some of Dad's fellow church members also joined the celebration.  We brought a cake large enough to serve all the guest plus all the other residents and the staff of the home.
Here is Dad with his four sons.  Standing in the back are David and Bill.  Seated on each side of Dad is Chester and myself.