Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

A evening with granddaughters.

Spent this evening with youngest son, Alan, and his family.  Visited with the girls, who were very excited about Santa coming tonight.  After awhile decided we needed to take a road trip so the parents could prepare the place for Santa.  The three girls and I piled in my car and headed to downtown Oklahoma City to see some Christmas lights.  First stop was at the Devon Tower, the new 50 story building built my Devon Energy Company.  They have some great decorations out on their lawn.  It was extremely cold so we didn't spend much time outside the car.  Otherwise we'd have crossed over the street to the Myriad Gardens to see the lights there and go over by the outdoor ice skating rink.

After leaving downtown we drove over to Heritage Hills to see how the houses were decorated there.  Heritage Hills is an old portion of town just to the north of the downtown area.  This is where the original city founding fathers built their mansions.  The houses in this area are very large and mostly well over 100 years old.  Soon it was time to head back to the kids apartment.  They needed to get ready for bed so Santa could make his appearance later this evening.  Before heading home I had to get a picture of the three in front of their Christmas tree.

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Shelley said...

When I was a child Santa always came on Christmas Eve, so grandparents could watch me open presents and mom and dad could lie in in Christmas morning. He seemed to always come when Grandma and Grandpa and I were out driving around looking at lights. We joined the long slow queues at...was it Lakehurst? Lakeside? In the NW OKC area west of May Avenue. I gather that if you bought a house there you had to sign up to decorate your house and resign yourself to the hoards of spectators at Christmas. What a life!

Merry Christmas, Rick.