Friday, February 15, 2013

Defending the Caveman

Another evening out, another play.

The Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre (or City Rep) is one of the many acting companies here in our area.  The main difference in this group compared to others is that all member of City Rep must be members of the Actors Equity Guild, the national union for professional actors.  I have attended several shows by this group since my friend, Jonathan Beck Reed, is a principal with them.  Tonight's show was:

This is a one man show dealing with the differences in men and women.  A great comedy that was the longest running one man show during it's run on Broadway.  This production had a very good actor, John Venable, from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

Tonight my date was Jimye Faye Baker.  Actually, this has been my companion for most activities the past couple of months.  Although we've known each other since around the second grade it has only been recently that we have gotten close.  Jimye has become a very important part of my life.  So, for my friends and followers who are interested, here is the lovely Jimye Faye:

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