Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shooting Smurfs

We have a new shooter.

When Jimye Faye and I first started seeing each other she was a bit put off by my fascination with firearms.  She pretty much indicated she was afraid of guns.  As we have gone along I've reassured her that guns are just inanimate objects that are good when in the hands of responsible gun owners.  She has warmed up to the idea of my carrying a firearm.  Today we went to the gun range to give her a chance to do some shooting.  This, of course, was after some gun handling safety training at her house first.

She started out shooting a .22 caliber six shooter (old fashioned single action "cowboy" gun) and then moved to a .22 caliber semi-automatic pistol.  She also tried my 9mm Glock semi-automatic but felt the kick was a bit much.  (Although I had told her about proper hand placement when holding a semi-automatic she still got a "slide" injury, which usually happens to all novice shooters.  Fortunately, the folks at the check-in counter have band aids available for this type injury.)  She really enjoyed our time at the range and really did not want to leave when the ammo I had brought with us ran low.

She did an amazing job for a first time shooter.  She was very proud of herself and even posted her target on the wall of her kitchen.  If you look close you'll see she really had a pretty good grouping of shots on that target.  Now she is hyped about shooting and can't wait until we can go back.  Guess I'll need to take more ammo next time.  (We refer to these targets as "Smurfs" due to their color.)

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